“He believed the formula should be taught in all public schools and colleges, and expressed the opinion that if it were properly taught it would so revolutionize the entire education system that the time spent in school could be reduced to less than half.” Quoted by  Napoleon Hill – author of Think and Grow Rich, concerning Andrew Carnegie’s formula.

Andrew Carnegie’s formula, contained in Think and Grow Rich, includes these two ways to Build To Wealth.  [1] Purpose and [2] F.O.C.U.S. The Acronym comes from Robert T. Kiyosaki  – author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, his acronym stood for Follow One Course Until Successful.

When you have Purpose and Focus you will be on your way. These two things are the beginning because you will need money to build to wealth. You will need education to help you also. Negatives you will need to stay away from are: [1] Laziness [2] Negative opinions from negative people who do not want to see you succeed [3] Your own Negative thinking dragging you from your PURPOSE and stealing your F.O.C.U.S.

Every article I have written in this series, requires the reader to think and evaluate. The building will be done by the reader NOT me. I am doing my own building and you have to do your own building.

I started this series of articles to document my own personal journey to build to wealth. The vehicle I chose to use on my journey was Home Base Business. For me, Home Base Business was the sensible, logical, and affordable choice. As I have progressed on my journey, I realized that my knowledge level had increased beyond the ‘beginner’ I was.

As a result, I had to make a decision either to ‘blog’ to the beginner who is not on a journey yet OR to ‘blog’ to the people, who like me also decided to take their journey and begin to Build to Wealth. The answer lies in the beginning – [1] Purpose and [2] Focus

I wish you the best in the endeavors you will choose.

Thank you for reading

What is building to wealth? Why would you want to do it? Wealth is a word in my experience people associate with Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and list goes on. With the economy taking a downturn, people will re-evaluate their priorities. Why don’t we build to wealth? America has been the land of opportunity since I was a little toddler. I started a series of articles because I felt that it would help people if they had the right information they could make a educated decision regarding the building of a home based business.

There are many ways to build to wealth. Build is the key word in build to wealth. If you do not want to build, the information will not help you. Wealth is a word that means many things. Examples of the use of the word ‘wealth’: A wealthy man, A healthy man is a wealthy man, His thoughts make him wealthy, He has a wealth of knowledge.

If you like these articles I have been writing. You should comment in a constructive manner. A Team builds better and faster than one person alone. But one person with an idea can build a team which can build the idea into a reality.

A wealth of knowledge does not come from just one person but many. Diversity has ideas but Unity has knowledge. The Founding Fathers of the United States knew about the diversity of ideas first hand. They also knew that unity was necessary to attain the wealth that they all desired. So they had to unify their knowledge and their ideologies to gain something they ALL wanted — Wealth. They, the founding fathers, had to build to wealth to accomplish what they as a group wanted.

You the reader must decide how you will build to wealth. Home based business is a very good vehicle to accomplish such an objective. The decisions you have to make are many. The money to be made in a home based business is just ONE thing gained. You will also learn how to build as a team because you will begin to see how companies have to work with other companies to accomplish profits for them.

Economy is built by the consumers and the companies providing goods and services for the consumers. The consumers must tell the companies what they want. This requires the consumer to make educated decisions. Decisions that are based on the ecology, products that can be biodegradable, grow products where the nutrients are present and not processed out of them.

People have to take back what belongs to them — their health and their ability to build to wealth.

Thanks for reading

I have written a series of articles based on Home Based Business Owner theme.

This article is for people who still are or have been employees and have decided to become home based business owners.

Recommended Book:
You, Inc. — The Art of Selling Yourself 1st ed.
authors Harry Beckwirth and Christine Clifford Beckwirth
copyright © 2007
publisher Warner Business Books New York Boston USA

The first question ( probably is or at least should be on your mind) is “why did I highlight ‘owners’ and ’employees’?

The answer is because they are two different things. Think on your experience as an employee. Did the owner of the company, where you are employed, ask you employee-based or ownership based questions?

Why do you choose your brand of soda instead of another?
Why do you choose your brand of tea or coffee instead of another tea or coffee?
Why did you choose the vehicle you now drive instead of something else?
Why do you choose the clothes you wear instead of something else?

These questions are asked of marketers constantly when they are deciding how to get you, the consumer, to buy their product instead of someone else’s.

Do you remember ‘mindset’, planning your ‘trip’, ‘personalized guide’?
[See “My Mindset” article]

Building new skills — You are the CEO of your company. What is your corporate or business identity? Why should the consumer buy your product?
But before you get that far, Why should they buy from you? Who are you?

My point is You have to market yourself.
You will now have to add pages to your personalized guide and on those pages will be the training you will have to have to succeed as owner of your company.

  • Build your Marketing skills.
  • Learn the difference between ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising?

Do you remember ‘mentor’?
[See “My Mindset” article]

As you learn your marketing skills and flex your new ‘ownership’ muscles. You can leave your comments on what you have learned in the comment box. If you want to share what you have learned. I certainly appreciate your feedback. We can have ‘common ground’.

I have to go back to my continued learning of ownership skills.
Until next time.
Please come back — Visit Often —

My last article was titled “Home Base Business Owner Mindset – Part One”
At the end of the article, I said there would be a Part Two. This is Part Two.

My style of writing tries to be conversational. Even though you not physically present to carry on the other side of the conversation. I try to anticipate questions. In most cases I use what I have experienced hence my title — My Mindset. It will be benefit you to read Home Base Business Owner Mindset – Part One before you read this article. From your own experience, when you take a trip. The trip consists of a beginning, a middle, and an end.
The journey to build wealth is very similar to planning a trip.

When you build to wealth you look to the Internet for answers. I did a search about a year ago. I was looking for another stream of income. I had a 9-to-5 job. I was looking for something else. So I went to the Internet and started my search. There was a multitude of seemingly good opportunities. Each one promised I would be rich overnight or at least by next week. Are you familiar with that promise?

There was no roadmap to riches. There was no roadmap period. One of things I hopefully conveyed in “Part One” is that the things you learned as a 9-to-5 employee usually do not work for you, if you consider being a Home Based Business Owner. That is Reason One why there are so many failures.

When you decide to become a business owner you will be confronted with many things and by many people. [See my article “Do I Want A Home Based Business”] Some of things, probably attitudes, will be similar to “things” encountered in your 9-to-5 job. But other things you encounter maybe, for the first time. You may not know if these “new” things are “good” or “bad”?

In Part One, I asked What is your WHY?. You have to personalize and ask What is MY Why?. The importance of this question lies in 2 areas. (1) Why is this question important to ask? (2) Why should I ask this question instead of asking a different question?
(1) Answering What is MY Why? starts your thinking processes to change. You are looking for a Changed Thinking. The way you consider information using your 9-to-5 job thinking is I go to work -I am at work – I come home from work — You are thinking about your paycheck at the end of week and how it is already spent on things you want and need? Am I right?

(2) If you do not want to answer What is MY Why?. When times get hard, will you quit the business and complain? Because you did not answer the “right” question before you started your chosen business. Reason One — No roadmap and 9-to-5 ‘thinking’; Reason Two — Not prepared. In Part One, I asked “Can you plan your trip?”

When you answer the question What is MY Why? You will have the beginnings of a personalized guide for you. You are your TRIP PLANNER. Write down on paper the answers to What is MY Why? KEEP the paper. It will help you with your trip planning. You will know what your chosen business is and know what you will do when the “hard times” come. [your commitment wanes and you want to revert to “pre-business” routines] Loss of Changed Thinking or not changed enough.

For you people who exercise at a gym, Do you lift weights by yourself or with the assistance of a ‘spotter’? In Wisdom — “Are TWO heads better than ONE?
You should also seek out someone else who is “farther down” on the same path or road you want to “travel”. It should be a person who will assist you not help you. Some people use the term ‘Mentor’.

In a 9-to-5 job, the only thing you owe YOUR BOSS is a day’s work. When you are a Business Owner YOU are THE BOSS. What do you owe yourself?

Hopefully, I have explained to you a lot of things to be considered when you want to be a Home Based Business Owner.

I am very interested in your comments. Because then you and me have a “common ground” to begin sharing mindsets.

Thanks for reading — Please come back — Share your comments —

My last article explored the notion — Do I Want a Home Based Business? This article is the beginning of a part series. You see being a Home Based Business Owner is challenging, exciting, and demanding. Throughout this series, I will talk about my journey to be my best and build my business to provide residual income and financial security for my family. Sharing places I have been — and possibly make your journey easier — IF you decide to embark on your own journey.
What this article explores could be called Step One. Can you find IT?

I have just printed out a Problogger article I have had two weeks. The title of the article is

    Building a Blog Plan for Success

The author’s name is Shawn Williamson. He is a Salt Lake City writer who documents his journey of escaping the rat race at


His premise is that you have to have a purpose for your blog. Why are you writing a blog? He calls it Basic Questions. He lists the questions the blog writer should ask to determine the reasons for writing. This soul-searching is all done with the purpose of building a plan to write future posts.
I see in his writing not only an answer for me to my question “why do I blog?”. I also see the answer to the question network marketers ask themselves, ask other people in their downline, etc. That question is “What is your “WHY”? WHY do you want to do this business? What drives you? What is your motivation? The answer is they have a business plan, a business model, a pattern to operate their business by. Home Based Business Owners and even Network/Affiliate Marketers HAVE to have a business plan, model or pattern to operate their business by.

If you want to successfully compete in this Global Economy, you MUST have a plan. Do not to make running a Home Based Business complicated.

Make it SIMPLE.! Jeff Ferris is a Business Owner, I know, uses this phrase
“If You Are Not Having FUN — You Are Doing It Wrong”. I must admit that the first time I heard Jeff say this I did not understand, I had mixed emotions.

People that are considering a Home Based Business must change their thinking. That is Step One. Then the planning and asking the question “What is your WHY?” begins the thinking process to consider alternatives and consider “what ifs” and if the thinking process is carried to completion. You will have a home based business or you will have figured out new and varied ways to provide financial security for you and your family.

Step One — Do You See Why “Changed Thinking” Is Necessary?
Your “thinking cap” must be on, the choices are many and maybe confusing at first.
Now plan a trip — This particular trip is called “Your Future”. Did you do Step One? Can you plan your trip?

See you in Part Two

Have you ever ask yourself this question? Has someone else ever asked you this question? What was your reaction to either question? Did you wonder what it would be like to have a home base business(HBB)? I have found out there are many things to consider IF you are seriously considering a HBB. This article is in TWO parts – the ‘first part’ will show you obstacles you may encounter in your decision making process. The article is from About.com – Small Business it gives you some information to think about. The ‘second part’ will show you a video of a successful business person. Her testimonial includes “how to build your dream home”. Listen closely — Do you really want a home based business?


Break the 5 Barriers to Starting a Business
From Darrell Zahorsky,
Your Guide to Small Business Information.

Many cubicle workers hate their jobs and secretly wish to start a business. It’s the Dilbert environment with a overbearing boss watching every move and taking credit for good ideas that feeds the dream of entrepreneurship. If ever there was a better time to start your own business now would be it. Entrepreneurs today have access to a wealth of knowledge, a variety of support sources and reduced startup costs.

Break the 5 Barriers to Starting a Business

No Money: Having enough money to start a business is claimed by many entrepreneur wannabees to thwarting their dreams. The reality of a successful business is to bootstrap it in the beginning and accomplish the most critical mission of any startup… finding a customer. Forget the fancy office, the cool CEO chair, or glossy four color brochures. It doesn’t take big dollars to start a small business. Over 48% of the Inc. 500 started their business with less than $20,000.

No Time: Working a full-time job, raising a family, and enjoying a weekend out is the common time-filled life when you work in cubeville. Time is a resource we can control. If you’re going to be a successful business owner, mastering time is key. Startups require sacrifices. You have to be willing to give up the weekends to build momentum.

No Benefits: Let’s face it, stepping out of the corporate world without benefits can feel like walking a trapeze without a safety net. It can be easier for a younger, healthy worker to forgo the health benefits offered by a company. For the Baby Boomer startup entrepreneur, health benefits remain a top concern. Think through your decision, use your spouses plan or consider the optional HSA’s (Health Savings Account).

No Family Support: It’s difficult enough to give up the comforts of the corporate world to start a business. Without the support of your family and friends the journey can be challenging. To win the support of your family take the time to explain the business and build a solid business plan. If others can see how you have taken the time to think it through and minimize the risks, they will be more supportive.

No Courage: Dig deep enough and you will often find the reasons for not starting a business are excuses. The biggest barrier to overcome is yourself. Fear is present in all entrepreneurs. An interview with Tony Magee, the CEO of Lagunitas Brewery, on MyPrimeTime says fear is a strong motivator. Fear drives him daily to succeed. It’s a matter of learning to accept fear as a silent companion you can beat everyday.

Departing from the cube life takes dedication, guts, and a little chutzpa. Millions of business owners have succeeded. Take the plunge today and join the entrepreneurial revolution.


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